Project: Field Pen Compact


Ink & Design

In the middle of our last Kickstarter (Field Pen), we realized from comments that many of you are not into the Space Pen / pressurized rollerball ink cartridges. Immediately we started working on a new design that would be able to take many different types of ink. Don't worry though, if that's your thing, Fisher Space Pen does make an option for the Compact! (U4F refill). 

We settled on creating an everyday carry pen that accepts D1 type cartridges. We ordered 15 different types for testing. Our conclusion: there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer rollerball, gel (pilot g2), or something in between, this pen has you covered. Included is the Schmidt S635. It's a middle of the road, all around good writer. For those of you who didn't like the pressurized Schmidt we offer with the Field Pen- Don't worry, this will work for you. 



Mechanics: Click Type

As you may be able to tell from the photos, some of the mechanism is injection molded plastic. Ugh plastic right?! Well we've made the click button fit into the body at a .002 tight fit tolerance to give you that good metal on metal satisfying click action. And we are offering a lifetime warranty on it. If your mechanism ever were to fail, we will send you a new one for free. Unlikely though. We've put this through some pretty rigorous testing. 

In-Hand Feel & Size Comparison

All of our pens, this one included, have a solid in hand feel. Although it's slightly lighter and smaller than the original, it's perfectly balanced, and gives up that same enjoyable writing experience. Pictured below is the Compact next to the Original. You can see that the diameter at the grips are the same (0.4"). It's long enough for the rear to rest on your hand for control.

Available in: Solid Brass, Stainless Steel, and Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)

Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight (Brass): 1.3oz / 36.8g
  • Weight (Stainless): 1.1oz /31.2g 
  • Diameter: 0.400" / 10.16mm
  • Length: 4.12" / 104.14mm

Quick Change Feature

The Compact is designed to be able to easily swap cartridges. The rear mounted mechanism assembly unscrews from the body with just a few turns, enabling you to change over to different types, or colors of ink in a matter of seconds (as shown in the video).

See more of the Field Pen Compact


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Adam H

Hey Sam- Glad to hear it!
Yes, I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on the different ink. This one here is a good resource-


Hey guys

Got my brass Compact the other day. Was worried that I wouldn’t like t as much as the other Field Pen, but wow, you guys have nailed it again!

Since your pens are responsible for turning me into an ink snob, how would you feel about posting a chart of what you tested with this pen, along with the results? That would save the rest of us from having to order all those refills and try them out for ourselves!

Thanks again guys… can’t wait for the next big idea!

Sam Long
Va Beach

Adam H

Hey Phil, we can’t wait to get these out- think they’re going to be a hit. The DLC is especially awesome.
For someone who writes small, I’d say from what we tested, these two are the best:
- Ohto r-4c5np
-Jetstream sxr-200-05


Seriously pumped for this pen. Just pre-ordered on KS, and I can’t wait to get the DLC pen! I’ll be honest, I’ve never had a pen that costs this much (preferring to normally stick with Zebra F301 or 701’s) but as a former Mechanical Engineer, I couldn’t pass up this one. Looking forward to getting the pen!

Any recommendations for a fine point ink that provides a good consistent line? I tend to write very small, so the finer the better.

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