About Us

At Makerset, we think if you're going to carry something everyday, it should be well crafted and reliable. 

We are designers, innovators, craftsmen, machinists, and a few other things. That gives us a unique ability to bring products from concept to completion a process we are obsessive about. We're dedicated to crafting the highest quality machined everyday carry items. All of our products are created in our shop using manual and CNC machines in Richmond, Virginia.

What is Makerset?
Makerset is a spin-off of Machine Era Co. We've created an all new company in order to focus on our passion for writing tools and experiment with new concepts. Being designers who are always sketching on paper and jotting down ideas, using fine writing instruments has always been important to us. Applying the skills and knowledge we've acquired over the years, we're thrilled to introduce Makerset and bring new tools to your everyday carry.

How we manufacture
All our writing tools are machined from solid stock. That gives us the ability to control surface finish, weight and balance in ways not possible with formed product. That means every side and profile has been machine cut, not die formed. By using Swiss-type turning techniques, we're able to deliver parts that are extremely accurate- tolerances usually reserved for medical and aerospace industries.